Journalism Cases

Following is a list of journalism cases alphabetized by company name or the name of the media outlet involved:

ABC News

ABC Gets “Prostitution” Coverage Right

Associated Press

Sandy Hook 911 Tapes: How to Use Them?

Atlantic, The (Magazine)

Is Native Advertising Deceptive Journalism?

Buro 24/7 (Website)

Did a “Black Woman Chair” Disrespect MLK Day?

Business Insider (Website)

Did McDonald’s Pay for Press Coverage?


CBS Censors CNET Over the Sling

Chattanooga Times Free Press (Newspaper)

Racism? Or the “Worst of the Worst?”


CNN and the Ambassador’s Journal

CNN Awarded for Misappropriating Journal

CNN’s Failed Bomb Coverage

CNN Sympathsizes With Rapists

Will CNN Learn From Its Mistakes?

Why Do This? The Reason Why Will Shock You

Des Moines Register (Newspaper)

Another Paper, Another Gun-Related Map

Globe and Mail, The (Newspaper)

“Crotchgate?” Or Much Ado About Nothing?

Grantland (Website)

“Dr. V” and a Story That Went Awry

Hansen, Paul (Photographer)

Do Staged News Photographs Win Awards?

Huffington Post, The (Website)

HuffPost’s Crime Scene Photos: Warranted?

Journal News, The (Newspaper)

A Newspaper Publishes a Map of Gun Owners

NBC News

Covering a Shooter’s Wife

New York Post (Newspaper)

New York Post “Sinks to a New Low”

New York Times, The

The Spat Became The Story

NYT Powerful Front Page: Was it Necessary?

Omaha World-Herald (Newspaper)

A Marine’s “One-Fingered Salute”

San Jose Mercury News (Newspaper)

Does it Shock or Inform?

Smoking Gun, The (Website)

On Seeking the Truth, But Not Reporting It

Tampa Bay Times (Newspaper/Website)

On Disturbing Video and Difficult Content

“This American Life” (Radio Program)

Is It Journalism Or Is It Theater?

TIME (Magazine)

What Magazine Covers Say (Or Don’t Say)

Is TIME Dumbing Down Americans?

The Governor and the “Elephant in The Room”

 Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 (Radio Station)

When Radio is Used to Foment Hate

WEWS-TV (Cleveland, Ohio)

On Seeking the Truth, But Not Reporting it

Here are other journalism-related cases that did not involve a readily identifiable media outlet or source:

West Texas, Boston and a Made-for-TV Manhunt

The Widow and The Paparazzi